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October 5, 2019 - Saturday - We came back to the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles to see another Neutra house, the Reunion House, where Dion Neutra lives.  The Dion Neutra Reunion House is the only example of a firm-designed project on which both the father and son worked, but not concurrently.  The house was envisioned in 1950, as a hypothetical “grandparent’s house” where family reunions would be held.  Richard and Dione Neutra lived in it for two years starting in 1964.  From 1966 on, it has been the home of Dion Neutra.  In 1968, he added an apartment above the garage.  We anticipated meeting Dion who was scheduled to give an orientation talk before the tour.

As it turned out, his talk was the highlight of the tour, reminiscing and rambling about his projects, his life and his parents.  Dion will celebrate his 93rd birthday on October 8th.  Both he and his wife Lynn are in poor health and he informed the tour group that today will be his last occasion to show off their home, he simply no longer has the energy.  It was a very poignant and sad day for him.

This massive 15 foot glass slider opened the living room to the outdoor patio and koi pond.

This house is very "lived in," compared to the stark quality of the Neutra VDL House that we previously toured.  Dion is on the left, Lynn is sitting at the table, and their live-in nurse is between them.  Notice the beautiful wood ceiling.

This is the view from inside the master bedroom.  The houses that the Neutras built in this area are now considered as a "tree top" community.

Dion built this apartment unit above the existing garage in the 1970s.

We were very thankful to have the opportunity of meeting with one of the last Mid Century Modern architects still with us.  When he passes, it will be the end of an era.

Before the tour we had lunch at Taix, which has been in this neighborhood since 1962.

We both started out with their outstanding French onion soup, with lots and lots of cheese.

Taix prides itself on their large portions of country French cuisine.  In fact, I took half of my Portobello Risotto home, with its baby spinach, cream, and parmesan cheese.

Judy's calamari was as fresh and tender that we can remember having.

November 25, 2019 - Sadly, we learned that Dion passed away today in his sleep, at home.  LA Times obituary.

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