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May 13, 2022 - Friday - Today we drove down by Palm Springs to attend a special event at the Whitewater Preserve.  The Wildlands Conservancy’s Whitewater Preserve is nestled near the southeast border of the San Gorgonio Wilderness, and is part of the 154,000 acre Sand to Snow National Monument.  Efforts to protect the California Desert were strengthened on September 28, 2021, when AB-1183, authored by Assemblymember James C. Ramos, was signed into law by Governor Newsom.  Today's event was held to celebrate the establishment of the California Desert Conservation Program.

Among other speakers, a staff member of Senator Diane Feinstein's office presented Assemblymember Ramos with a certificate of appreciation.

Ramos is an excellent speaker, very articulate and passionate.  He never once said "Native Americans," only "Indians" and "First Americans."  He sang an Indian song both before and after his speech.

He joined the Pai nik tem Bird Singers and Dancers for three songs.

It was a well choreographed ceremony that we both enjoyed, and then everyone was treated to a catered lunch.  The caterer was F-10 Catering out of Palm Desert and they had three tables of appetizers and finger foods and a fourth table of desserts.  The food was fabulous!

It was a wonderful day.

We took a long hike through the preserve in 2016 and haven't returned until today.  To see some six year old pictures of that hike, click here.

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