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March 17, 2019 - Sunday - St. Patrick's Day - Today we took a long ride over to Rancho Palos Verdes, CA to visit the Point Vicente Interpretive Center.  We had been here during June of 2017, but we returned for "Whale Season!"  The annual migration of whales is now at its peak and we were hoping to get lucky and see a few today.  The Museum portion of the center is currently closed since they're mounting new exhibits.  It's almost a two hour drive to get here so we had our fingers crossed all the while hoping that the whales would cooperate.

The "whale watch veterans" occupied the choicest viewing area.

There are currently millions of these painted lady butterflies all over SoCal.  They're everywhere!

We arrived at 9:00 AM and the first thirty minutes we saw a half dozen whales, and one with its calf.

This is the momma whale following her calf, which is just ahead of her under the surface.

Now momma is seen helping to train her calf with a little nudge.

While we didn't see any large whales breaching the surface, it was satisfying to see a half dozen within a short period of time.  The picture below is the Point Vicente Lighthouse with a beautiful, clear shot of Santa Catalina Island in the background.

As an added bonus to today's adventure we were able to return to Avenue Italy for lunch.  The first time that we were here we absolutely fell in love with their food, so we were anxious to try it again.

Our appetizer was their tender and delicious fried calamari.

Judy had their "Fettuccine al Bardo" with creamy garlic, pecorino and parmigiano cheese.

I had their "Linguine alle Vongole," which is linguine pasta served with sautéed manila clams in white wine and garlic.

It was a beautiful day, we saw some whales, had a great lunch and we were able to listen to the ocean as it broke against the shore.

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