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November 28, 2018 - We had previously toured Paramount Pictures Studios back in 2014, so today we took advantage of a deal for SoCal residents and toured the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA.  We didn't know exactly what to expect, but knowing that the two hour tour would reflect ninety years of filmmaking covering over 110 acres, we thought that we wouldn't be disappointed.  The studio's facilities are the 110 acre Burbank lot and the nearby 32 acre ranch facility.  Both collectively encompass 36 sound stages, 14 exterior sets, 17 re-recording stages, six ADR stages, and a complete range of production-related rental and service departments.

We started out by seeing various sets under construction.

The prop department is huge.

This lamp was used in Casablanca.

One building was filled with various Batmobiles.

This exterior set is a great example of trompe l'oeil artwork.  It isn't real, it's a painted facade.

There's a DC Universe exhibit highlighting Super Heros.

Harry Porter also has a special exhibit.

This set was a bank robbed by Bonnie and Clyde.

And there are costumes as well.

The tour ended at the set of the Friends hangout, Central Perk.

There are many places to eat within the studio grounds, but, guests are not permitted to wander around the lot, so we ate at a nearly Claim Jumper Restaurant (nothing special).  We were disappointed that we couldn't eat at their commissary and we were a little disappointed with the overall tour.  It was okay, but we seemed to enjoy the Paramount Studio tour much better since it was much less commercialized.  Oh well, that's why we call them adventures.

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