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June 17, 2015 - Today we went back to Westwood, CA to visit a couple of sites on the UCLA campus.  Our first stop was at the UCLA Meteorite Collection, which has over 2,500 samples from about 1,500 different meteorites.  It was a very technical exhibit and it is amazing that scientists know enough about them to be able to classify them.

Our second stop was to the visit the Fowler Museum at UCLA, which explores global arts and cultures with an emphasis on works from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

The building is rectangular with all of the galleries surrounding a beautiful interior courtyard.

This temporary exhibit is entitled Making Strange: Gagawaka + Postmortem by Vivian Sundaram.  Sundaram is a founding member of the Sahmat Collective and one of the leading artists working in India today.  Half the exhibit is "strange" haute couture and the other half is a collection of haunting sculptural objects.  The exhibit is appropriately titled.

Before going to UCLA, we had stopped for brunch at Norm's to fuel us for the day.  As usual, Norm's meals are filling and delicious.  However, after UCLA, we made another stop to try a donut made by the world's famous Stan's Donuts of Westwood.  We saw a Huell Howser show about Stan's and knew we had to sample it for ourselves.  Huell was a regular customer and Stan honored Huell (while he was still alive) by naming one donut after him.

The "Huell" donut is stuffed with peanut butter and then covered with chocolate and chocolate chips!

We each had one and they were delicious!  We're both thankful that we don't live any closer to Stan's, because it would be a problem.

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