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May 15, 2024 - Wednesday - Today we were in Fullerton, CA to visit the Muckenthaler Cultural Center.  Currently there is an exhibit of Salvador Daliís lesser known works from the personal collection of Benjamin Feldman.  It features images of sensuality and eroticism and the collection was acquired by Feldman by happenstance.  Either he was gifted it by an acquaintance or he bought a storage unit sight unseen at auction.  His notes on it were unclear.

This is Dali's sketch of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

And this sketch is of Paul Gauguin.

Although Dali died in 1989, his controversial art lives on.

After the museum it was time for some pizza at our favorite, Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana.

We had an appetizer by mistake, we thought we were ordering a pizza.  However, it was delicious , marinated red peppers on Burrata cheese on a crostini.

Our pizza is called "La Golosa" and it's delightful.  Mortadella, pistachio pesto, stracciatella and mozzarella, all finished with a roasted pistachio crumble.

The exhibit was great and lunch was superb!

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