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December 2, 2018 - We were back in the North Hollywood Arts District today to see a performance of "13 The Musical" at Theatre 68.  Theatre 68 is the home to the Los Angeles chapter of the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company, founded February 14, 2001 by Ronnie Marmo.  The significance of "68 cents" is related to Ronnie Marmo's checking account balance when he first scored a major acting role after moving to Los Angeles from Brooklyn.  This performance of "13 The Musical" was produced by Act-1 Academy.

The play is sweet with a lot of humor thrown in.

We had breakfast in Redlands earlier in the day, so when we arrived early for the show, we had a root beer float and a chocolate malt at Ruby's Shake Shop to tide us over.  Thankfully we did, since it ended up being our dinner.

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