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April 15, 2018 - We had an opportunity to visit the North Hollywood Arts District today to see a performance of "A Chorus Line" at Theatre 68.  Since we were invited by a special friend who was performing, we were very excited about seeing it.  Theatre 68 is dedicated to showcasing the works of up-and-coming playwrights, directors, producers, and performers.  It is the home to the Los Angeles chapter of the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company, founded February 14, 2001 by Ronnie Marmo, Tommy Colavito, Danny Cistone, Tyler Christopher, and Katie Mushlin.  The significance of "68 cents" is related to Ronnie Marmo's checking account balance when he first scored a major acting role after moving to Los Angeles from Brooklyn.  This performance of "A Chorus Line" was produced by Act-1 Academy.

The actors were between 11 and 18 years old, but their talent eclipsed their age.

We had a nice breakfast at the Breakfast Shack here in Redlands before heading out to NoHo.  After driving through a lot of heavy traffic, we did have time to stop at Porto's Bakery in Burbank before the show.  Porto's has a great reputation but we had no idea that it would be as busy as it was.  The noise and chaos reminded me of a Roman bakery having their annual sale.  We did get waited on and came away with two croissants (almond and chocolate), one slice of cheesecake and one crème caramel flan.  The sweets were worth the wait.

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