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July 15, 2020 - Wednesday - Today we went back to hike in the San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary right here in Redlands, CA.  We were here a few months ago, but only hiked the northern end of the trails.  Today we started at the southern end.  The two trails here, the Carriage and the Cocomaricopa Trails have existed since the 1890s for use by Native Americans, farmers and other residents in the area.

The "Bobcat Bowl" was a project for a local Eagle scout.  The seating area he built is now used for nature talks.

As the trail gets close to San Timoteo creek, the plants get bigger and everything is more crowded.

This was the busiest trail that we've been on in Redlands.  There were hikers, runners and cyclists, but, everyone social distanced.  We loved it!

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