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April 11, 2020 - Saturday - Today we hiked in the San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary right here in Redlands, CA.  The two trails here, the Carriage and the Cocomaricopa Trails have existed since the 1890s for use by Native Americans, farmers and other residents in the area.

The Carriage Trail was built by Redlands' early philanthropists, Albert and Alfred Smiley, to take guests of their world famous Cañon Crest Park to the picnic area they named Tremont on the south ridge of San Timoteo Canyon.

The San Timoteo creek has swelled with the recent rains.

This homeowner has a beautiful view of the canyon.

This is one of two trains that we saw pass through the canyon today.  We can hear their horns blowing from our house during the night.

It was a beautiful day to get out into the sunshine again.

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