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April 13, 2011 - When our house was originally built, or shortly thereafter, a built in ironing board cabinet was added to the kitchen, which seems like a pretty smart idea.  I believe the ironing board and cabinet was designed and patented by Lee Eubank of California, since the wood cut-outs in the cabinet match the pattern shown on his patent.  Mr. Eubank's original patent is shown here.  However, times change and the original ironing board was gone, but, someone decided to make a big spice rack in the now empty space.  We looked at that spice rack for the eighteen months that we've lived here and came to the conclusion that it was pretty much useless.  The depth of the cabinet is only about three inches, so I searched and searched the Internet looking for a "low profile" folding ironing board.

I found a company called Iron-A-Way that makes both recessed and surface mounted cabinets with folding ironing boards.  I'd have to buy a surface mounted unit, destroy the cabinet and remove the guts to fit into our existing space.  This morning the moment of truth came when I smashed the cabinet and crossed my fingers hoping that I could make it work.  After smashing the cabinet, I knew returning it for a credit wasn't going to happen.  To make a long story short, it worked!

And we still have enough room for spices!  Thanks for pointing that out Bello.

It's an engineering marvel.

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