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December 13, 2023 - Wednesday - Today we were in San Bernardino to see the latest exhibits at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art located on the campus of California State University.  There were four exhibits today, two we liked and we didn't much care for the other two.

The first exhibit is called "Brown Baroque" and we loved it.

It's what you get when you cross a Latina woman with a love for Victorian furnishings.

Brown Latino versions of Fred and Barney.

Doll house furnishings.

It's a fun exhibit, especially the brown Bob's Big Boy.

The second exhibit celebrated Dia de Los Muertos by an East Los Angeles artist group.  The works span from the 1970s to the current day.

"Shining a light for the departed."

After the exhibit, we headed over to Highland, CA to have lunch at the Bear Springs Bistro & Lounge.

I had my usual dish here, "Stuffed Chicken Thighs" with chicken thighs stuffed with fresh mozzarella and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and pan seared. Served with spinach mashed potatoes, garlic herb cream sauce and crispy chicken skins.  Delicious!

Judy tried something new, their "BBQ Bourbon Apple Bacon Burger" with freshly ground prime and glazed in BBQ sauce on a buttery brioche bun with maple aioli, bacon, bourbon apple jam, goat cheese and arugula.  What a burger, it was yummy!

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