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July 18, 2012 - Today's adventure brought us to Yorba Linda, CA to visit the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.  Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, was born at this location, in the house that still remains on the property.

The house that Nixon's father built, from a mail-order kit, now overlooks the gardens, the exhibit halls and the research library.

Our first stop was a tour of the family home.

Everything within the house are the original furnishings, bric-a-brac, etc.  It's very small  with one bedroom downstairs and the upstairs attic is where Nixon and his three other brothers slept, two to a bed!  The family citrus ranch failed in 1922 and the family moved to Whittier, CA.  Nixon's fourth brother was born there.

When Nixon's parents, Frank and Hannah, married, someone gave Hannah Nixon a prophetic cook book as a wedding gift.

The presidential helicopter is on the grounds for public inspection.  Depending on who was crewing the ship, it was either called "Marine One" or "Army One."

An exact replica of the White House East Room has been constructed here and is part of the exhibit.

Judy may never have a second chance to command this podium, so she took full advantage of the opportunity.

Here a just a few pictures of some of the exhibits within the museum.

Yes, that's a Jimi Hendrix album cover in the center!  There's even a portion of the Berlin Wall here.

Nixon preferred the Lincoln sitting room while he occupied the White House and spent more time working there than he did in the Oval Office.  A replica of the Lincoln sitting room is shown below.

Watergate is not glossed over here and is a prominent part of the exhibit.

Dick and Pat Nixon are both interred on the grounds and they are surrounded by Pat Nixon's rose garden.

After our tour we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at The Wild Artichoke, located about one mile away in Yorba Linda.  The menu was so eclectic it was difficult to decide what to order.  But decide we did and loved everything that was served.


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