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April 2, 2014 - We were back to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see their new exhibit called "Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt."  This is the first major exhibition to focus on one of the most fascinating aspects of ancient Egyptian culture and religion—the mummification of animals. Drawn from the renowned collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Soulful Creatures features choice examples from among the many millions of mummies of birds, cats, dogs, snakes, and other animals preserved from at least thirty-one different cemeteries throughout Egypt.

The actual mummies looked like mummies.  Generally speaking they weren't pretty to look at.

After seeing the exhibit, we had lunch at the Bower's Tangata Restaurant.  Judy had sliced turkey with double cream Brie, Fiji apple and red onion on a French roll and I had linguini with mussels in a pesto sauce.  It was delicious as always.

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