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April 21, 2017 - Today we headed to Los Angeles for a much postponed adventure to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.  Since 1963 the Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been part of the Angelino Community with over 200 performances a year utilizing over 2,000 handcrafted puppets.  Today's performance of "Hooray L.A.!" started with a song and dance in historic Olvera Street with dinosaurs and skeletons and went all the way through the limelight of Hollywood!  Scenes included the 1933 Earthquake, the development of the LA freeways, and the arrival of radio in Los Angeles.

The puppeteers are called marionettists and their talent is amazing.  The show lasts one hour and goes by very quickly.  With all of the various and complicated hand movements required by the marionettists, this is probably a dying art form, so we were thrilled to see it!

After the show we headed to Cole's French Dip Restaurant dating back to 1908.  The atmosphere evokes the spirit of an early 20th century saloon.  We both had their "Big Dipper" beef sandwich with spicy garlic fries and finished off our meal with one slice of dark chocolate cream pie.  This was another great adventure.

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