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August 13, 2015 - Today we visited the Maloof House in Alta Loma, CA.  Sam Maloof may be best known for his exquisitively crafted rocking chairs but, he had been described by the Smithsonian Institution as "America's most renowned contemporary furniture craftsman."  Sam died in 2009 and had always referred to himself simply as a woodworker.  The house has sixteen rooms and all were built by Sam.

Sam especially like doors, door hinges and door closures.

Unfortunately interior photography wasn't permitted, which was a shame since that is where the real beauty of the house lies.  These few pictures from the Internet are helpful to get an idea of what the interior is like.

The company lives on without Sam, thanks to long time employees still producing his signature pieces.  Three buildings on the site are operating wood shops continuing to create Sam's visions in wood.

This is the showroom where you can still purchase a Maloof-designed rocker for about $20,000, depending on the type of wood.

“As long as there are men who have not forgotten how to work with their hands there will remain for the heritage of the craftsman a bright light of hope that began at the dawn of civilization.” –Sam Maloof

Before the tour we stopped at a new place for brunch, the Classy Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga.  Although the food was good, in general it wasn't that inspiring.  You can't win them all but, we loved the Maloof House.

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