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December 1, 2020 - Tuesday - Today we drove up into the San Bernardino National Forest to see Lake Gregory.  The lake and the surrounding area make up the Lake Gregory Regional Park that is adjacent to Crestline, CA.  The lake's surface has 84 acres and it is at an elevation of 4,550 feet.  The ridges around the lake climb up to over one thousand feet higher.  It was chilly, about 50 a little after 9:00 AM.

It was deserted, we didn't meet any other hikers on the trail, but we saw one kayaker.

The north side of the lake was covered in mistletoe.  I grabbed a sprig and got a kiss!

We weren't sure of our restaurant choices before we left home, so we looked over what was open after our hike.  We saw one place that was dine-in, but we thought that would be too risky.  We ended up eating sandwiches from Subway, which were delicious.  It was a nice adventure.

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