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November 10, 2020 - Tuesday - Since hiking is a safe way to have an adventure during the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to go hike along the beach again, this time in Laguna Beach.  The Laguna Beach and Bluffs Trail hugs the coast, downtown and Heisler Park, so we both knew that we'd enjoy it.

By a lucky coincidence, we were able to see a ten-day temporary art installation called Sunset Trace by a company called Poetic Kinetics, owned by artist Patrick Shearn.  Inspired by the graceful murmuration of birds flocking together, or schools of fish moving simultaneously, this signature Shearn installation is a reminder of nature moving around us.

It was a great hike and the weather was perfect.

After having our walk it was time for lunch at our Laguna Beach favorite, Slapfish, right in downtown Laguna Beach.

We always have their lobster rolls that are delicious and their portions are huge.  The French fries are wonderful.

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