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July 8, 2020 - Wednesday - Today we were in Highland, CA, which is the first town heading north from Redlands.  It's not as old as either Redlands or Riverside, but we wanted to see some of its older buildings in the historic downtown area.  Unfortunately, almost none of the buildings we saw today have been dated by the local historical society.  However, Highland was originally settled in 1856 and we found out from the local residents that most of the homes in this area were built between 1904 and 1906.

6995 Palm - First Congregational Church (1886)

6996-98 Palm - Dr. Clifton Browning home and office

6990 Palm modern

6978 Palm - Spanish Colonial Revival home

This was a bank at one time.

6944 Palm - Flying A Gas Station

27278 Main - Roberts Block was formerly a restaurant and grocery store.

27276 Main - Dr. John Evans residence and office

27281 Main - (1904) no original owner information

27273 Main Cottage house owned by John Yarnell

27263 Main - John Yarnell house

27268 Main - Lewis Seymour Steele house

27258 Main - Richardson house

27254 Main - Meeting Hall and Knights of Pythias Hall, converted to a single family.

27241 Main - G. Thomas Hensley house

27235 Main - Martin Randall house - This gentleman told us all about the area.  His family seems to own every other house on the block.  His son brought out the original subdivision plan of the area.

All the dots on the plan show the locations of the orange groves in the area.

27234 Main traditional bungalow

27221 Main - Congregational Church Parsonage

27215 Main - Rufus Longmire house

27220 Main - Fred and Nelly Cram house

27206 Main T-shaped house

27205 Main - Frank and son Harry Welton house

6952 Cole - David and Mary Seeley house

27193 Pacific - Maddox family home, owned a cash store in town

27216 Pacific - Methodist Episcopal Church

27197 Pacific - Cora Desmond Jones and Attorney George Warren Taylor house

27215 Pacific - Rohrer family and Judge Moore

27227 Pacific (this is a total remodel).

27232 Pacific - Cora Desmond Jones and Attorney George Warren Taylor house

27247 Pacific - Ethel Nichols family

27257 Pacific - Ed Toeppler house, a local druggist

27265 Pacific - Rogers family

6025 Palm - Sewall Garage (1930) Ford dealership

6917 Palm - (1950) The Belle Bar

6936 Palm - Linville house

6939 Palm - (1926) - Highland's Women Club and Public Library

We ended up on the east side of the historic district to see what's left of "Packing House Row."  Oranges were a big business here and these buildings were built around 1910.

It was a wonderful morning!

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