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January 10, 2015 - Today we were in San Pedro to see the Point Fermin Lighthouse Museum.  Built in 1874, the Point Fermin Lighthouse was the first navigational light into the San Pedro Bay.  Paul J. Pelz, a draftsman for the US Lighthouse Board, designed the Stick Style Victorian lighthouse.  The Stick Style is an early Victorian architectural style and is simpler in design and decoration than the later high Victorian period.  It is characterized by its gabled roofs, horizontal siding, decorative cross beams and hand carved porch railings.

In 1941 the light was extinguished due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  There was fear that the light would serve as a beacon for enemy planes and ships.  Our tour guide, A.J., is giving us a history lesson on the various "keepers" who lived here.

These are views from the lantern room at the top of the structure.

The lantern room is three stories high and this shows the spiral staircase that provides access to the top.

Even though we had some unusual sprinkles, it was a wonderful day.

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