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March 25, 2020 - We're still on Coronavirus lockdown and the weather has been showery, but in this morning's newspaper I saw a hint about where Donkeyland Rescue was located.  Donkeyland is not open to the public, nor are there any tours since it is simply a rescue operation for both donkeys and wild burros.  Its location spans both Colton and Moreno Valley, CA.  In 2018 Bob Barker of "The Price is Right" fame donated 500 acres of land for a permanent burro preserve.

"Donkey" and "burro" are two words that refer to the same animal.  "Donkey" is used to refer to the domesticated version, and "burro" is used to refer to smaller donkeys or wild donkeys most commonly found in the West.  "Burro" is the Spanish word for "donkey."

What started out as a potentially stormy day ended up to be a beautiful day and it made for a lovely, unplanned adventure.

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