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May 28, 2014 - Bello went to kitty heaven as a result of his having small cell lymphoma.  This is the last picture I took of Bello on May 18, 2014.  Cats can't talk, but they can speak to you with their eyes.  Rest in peace, big boy, we love you.

Dante and Bello were born on or about November 10, 2001, based on information from the Pat Brody Cat Shelter in Lunenburg, MA.  After 9/11 and then Rudy's death on September 18, 2001, we decided that Tooter (Rudy's brother) needed some company.  Wrong!  Tooter didn't want any part of it.  The first two pictures were taken during the their first couple of weeks in their new home.

The next two were taken on their birthday in 2002.  They normally eat dry food but, they get some real tuna fish on their birthday.

Even though the two boys and Tooter had been living together for ten months, they were both smart enough to give Toots his space.

Tooter, sitting on the carpet, died on July 8, 2004.

Now our two boys have obtained their own, private screen porch to watch the birds, the neighborhood kitties that walk through the yard, or to get some much needed siesta time.


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