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May 29, 2015 - Today's adventure was to visit the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see their new exhibit, "Adams, Curtis and Weston: Photographers of the American West."

The exhibit documents the changing landscape of the American West and the art of photography through time as well as through the lenses of three of the most celebrated 20th century American photographers.

The works of Curtis were in one room, while Adams and Weston share an adjoining larger room.

I read a biography of Curtis and he was extremely passionate about photographing and preserving the Native Americans and their culture before they were assimilated into the white Anglo-Saxon culture that was expanding into and overtaking their territories.

This gallery exhibited the works of both Adams and Weston.

Most of the works by Adams were all instantly recognizable.

Weston's works included a photograph of Taos Pueblo, which we hope to see for ourselves very soon.

His portrait of his friend Ansel Adams was very appropriate for this exhibition.

This camera was like the ones used by these photographic pioneers.  All three photographers had large format cameras that were typically 8" by 10" view cameras.  Of course, their cameras, the photographic plates and the darkroom chemicals all had to be carried by mules or pack horses to their respective shooting locations.  They were all very passionate about their art.

Before the museum we had our usual brunch at Norm's, which is located about a half mile south of the museum.  Steak and eggs for me and Norm's "Bigger, Better Breakfast" for Judy.  It was delicious, as always.

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