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February 18, 2021 - Thursday - Today we were in Claremont, CA to visit the Claremont Packing House.  Originally known as College Heights Lemon Packing House, this building was one of four Claremont packing houses built along the Santa Fe rail corridor during the height of the citrus industry.  It is the only one remaining.  This 1922 industrial building is now a mixed-use facility that houses multiple restaurants, retail shops, and art galleries.

The original skylights provide abundant light.

There were only a few restaurants open this morning, but we got lucky with Crpes de Paris.

I had their "St Louis" with ham, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes with a cream sauce.

Judy had their "Curry Crepe" with chicken, sweet red pepper and mozzarella cheese in a wonderful curry cream sauce.

Even though the pandemic has taken a toll of some of its tenants, it's still a lively place and our lunch was great!

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