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Every day I check local earthquakes as  monitored by the USGS and the Southern California Earthquake Data Center.  The USGS-Caltech Seismic Net notes the nearest city of the occurrence as well as the magnitude and the time.  All reports are for those quakes occurring nearest to the city of Redlands.

Generally speaking, you can't feel anything if the magnitude is less than 2.5.  If it's 3.0 or higher, you know it when it occurs.  For those between 2.5 and 3.0, it depends.  If you're in motion (walking), you probably won't feel it, but if you're sitting or standing still, you probably will.  However, it seems that if you're lying down and awake, you'll probably notice any earthquakes with a magnitude of 1.7 or higher.

Severe earthquakes can be felt hundreds of miles away.  The Easter Sunday earthquake (April 4, 2010) in Mexicali, Mexico registered a 7.2 in magnitude.  We felt that one here in Redlands and the water in the swimming pool kept sloshing back and forth for about ten minutes after the quake subsided.  Mexicali is about 145 miles southeast of Redlands.


Date Year Day Time Magnitude
January 14 2018 Sunday 3:14 PM 0.9
January 13 2018 Saturday 3:21 PM 0.7
January 11 2018 Thursday 2:08 PM 1.0
January 11 2018 Thursday 9:41 AM 1.6
January 10 2018 Wednesday 6:05 AM 2.8
January 9 2018 Tuesday 4:38 AM 1.2
January 7 2018 Sunday 5:15 PM 0.6
January 4 2018 Thursday 2:33 PM 0.9
January 3 2018 Wednesday 9:18 PM 2.0
January 3 2018 Wednesday 9:17 PM 1.0

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